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Xelsat provides logistics and reseller support for the following products in this market segment RF Frequency converters, crystal oscillators, Synthesizers, Modified LNB’s, LNB controllers and microwave switches, coaxial relays, wave guides, Diplexers, circulators and Isolators.
Cross Technologies
Cross Technologies, designs and manufactures standard and custom products for the satellite communications industry. Cross has deep expertize in frequency range from DC to 32 GHz in RF, video, data, analog and digital modulation, alarm and control.
Wenzel Associates Inc
Wenzel designs and manufactures crystal oscillators, RF systems, and Synthesizers, that are used in up/down converters, counters, and wherever internal reference is needed. Target industries include radar systems, radios, space, communication systems, navigation systems and more.
Orbital Research Ltd
Orbital Research Ltd. builds standard and custom BDCs, Professional and Modified LNBs, Bias Tees, Mux Tees, Diplexers, Combiners, Dividers, 10 MHz Reference Oscillators, 10 MHz Splitters, Outdoor Enclosures, Power Supplies with BNC Connectors, and also does custom solutions to order.
RelComm Technologies
RelComm Technologies designs and manufactures RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz.
RF Circulator Isolater Inc
RFCI designs and manufactures coaxial, SMD, Drop-in circulators and Isolators. With offshore high volume manufacturing they provide the most cost effective solution.