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SkySwitch Networking System

SatPath SkySwitch is a new generation of VSAT networking system designed to address lower cost, higher flexibility broadband multimedia satellite communications supporting compressed voice, data and video applications.

The SatPath SkySwitch product offering includes the capabilities for Star, Point to Point, and Point to Multipoint network applications using DAMA-SCPC technology with BOD plus Multiple Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) capability for simultaneous Mesh networking with PDMA technology. SkySwitch is the only known single satellite hop, Star/Mesh VSAT product offering today that provides superior channel bandwidth efficiency up to 98% among all competing products and technologies in the industry. High channel efficiency translates into low network recurring operating costs for the space segment rental. This cost savings combined with SkySwitch's superior performance-to-cost ratio will bring the much needed competitive edge to the VSAT industry against other terrestrial or satellite based communication platforms. SkySwitch's Mesh multiple access capability using MCPC technology removes many limitations associated with the traditional VSAT products.

Key Features
  • Advanced SCPC/DAMA and MCPC/PDMA Technology
  • Multilayer and Mixed Topologies in Network Design
  • Highest Channel Efficiency with Low Bandwidth Overhead
  • True Bandwidth-on-Demand (BOD) based on actual traffic
  • Turbo Code across-the-board standard offering
  • Integrated Bandwidth Re-use Technology
  • Low Cost IF and L-band Terminals with various configuration options
  • All html and Java User Interface for Terminal Equipment and NMCS Servers

SatPath Product Applications

SatPath products are designed with customers' applications in mind. Unlike traditional VSAT platforms, which are commonly restricted for one or the other types of applications, SatPath SkySwitch has no application limits. Its flexible architecture enables it to serve as a full mesh voice network or a star rural telephone network. Its multicast capability allows any remote station to receive multiple video channels without additional equipment required. Its high performance signaling channel handles DAMA call setup in shortest possible time. Thin route traffic from SCADA application to broadband data distribution are all efficiently routed via its cost-effective terminals.

Following are examples of typical applications supported by SatPath SkySwitch product. All these applications can be supported from one system

Rural Telephony Communications

Video and Data Communications

SOHO/SME Business Communications

Consumer Communications