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IRT Ku band GaN BUC/SSPA, 150-200 Watt

  • Internal / Autosense 10MHz Reference Options
  • Field upgradable software
  • Available in both standard and Extended Ku-Band
  • RF Overdrive Protection
  • Superior RF performance: Phase noise 8-10dB better than IESS308/309. PSAT up to 53 dBm. Spurious below -60dBc. Wide dynamic range of Gain Control
  • Extremely high power density - up to 200W PSAT in 15.5"x10"x6.3" only!

Smaller, Lighter and more Powerful Next Generation AntBUC® Series allows significant high power BUC / SSPB / SSPA size and weight reduction and at the same time substantially improves thermal efficiency, which leads to higher reliability and longer MTBF. That's why IRT offers 3 years warranty for this product line!

The Next Generation IRT Technologies powered by GaN Technology 150W / 200W Ku-Band AntBUC® Series are very compact, light and extremely powerful. Using patent pending Z-combining method and advanced GaN technology new IRT 150W / 200W AntBUC® has truly outstanding power density - up to 200W PSAT in this super compact 15.5" x 10" x 6.3" package weighing only 28 lbs.

IRT 150W / 200W Ku-Band AntBUC® features best in class RF characteristics, RF sample port, true RMS power measurements, extensive moCnitor and control capabilities enabled via Ethernet, Serial and/or Analog Interfaces. 150W / 200W AntBUC® remarkably compact size and high thermal efficiency results in overall system size and cost reduction making it the ideal candidate for mobile and fixed VSAT applications.