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IRT IRK Series Intelligent Redundant Kit 1+1 BUC / SSPA

  • Power Distribution Junction Box
  • Manual Switch-Over Button
  • BUC A/B Gain Equalization Feature
  • Auto manual, Remote, Manual Override Operational Modes
  • Built-in SNMP and Web Server
  • Remote Control over RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Easy BUC/PA unit’s replacement without interruption of traffic
  • Input Splitter provides 10MHz Reference to both BUCs Simultaneously - Real Hot Standby Mode for the case of External Reference
  • Eliminates External Redundancy Controller as a Single Point of Failure For the System

The IRT Technologies IRK® Series (Intelligent Redundant Kit) 16W-400W Ku-Band and 20W-400W C-Band 1:1 redundancy system is light weight and super-compact due to revolutionary small size IRT BUCs / SSPAs equipped with intelligent built in redundancy controller and due to this IRK® Series redundancy systems does not require an external redundancy controller; means there is no single point failure in the redundant system and its reliability is much higher.

IRK® Series features extensive monitor & control via serial ports EIA232/EIA485 and Ethernet. The state of the art web browser provides the operator with comprehensive system management tool. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) makes power connection extremely simple and convenient for the user - only one power entry cable for the system.IRK® series enable unprecedented system performance, simplicity and reliability.