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IRT C band GaN BUC/SSPA, 80-100 Watt

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Internal / Autosense 10 MHz Reference Optional
  • Available also in Super-Extended, Palapa and Insat C-Band Frequency Options.
  • RF Overdrive Protection
  • Superior RF Performance: Phase noise 10dB better than IESS308/309, Psat of 49dBm Spurious below -60dBc, Wide dynamic range of Gain ControlHigh Linearity
  • Ideal for feed horn mounting
  • Up to 100W Psat in this super-compact and light weight package 6.5"x6.5"x4" only!

The IRT Technologies powered by GaN technology PicoBUC® series are revolutionary in size, weight and power density- PicoBUC® offers superior performance in an extremely compact package that can fit in your palm! Weighing at only 6lbs, the C-band GaN PicoBUC® is the most powerful and feature rich for its size: Up to 100W Psat.

Built in AC power supply provides the customer with the simplest and least expensive plug-into-the wall solution. IRT PicoBUC® features best in class RF characteristics, embedded output isolator, extensive monitor and control capabilities enabled via Ethernet, Serial and/or Analog Interfaces.

PicoBUC® remarkably small size and low power consumption results in better heat extraction that leads to overall system size and cost reduction making it the ideal candidate for mobile applications. Its small size and weight allows direct feed horn mounting, which makes it a most economical solution for fixed VSAT applications.