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Advantech ARDN-CL0 C-Band to L-Band Block Downconverter

Advantech's ARDN-CL0 is intended to operate in conjunction with the QD 2048 quad demodulator or similar L-Band input demodulators.
  • CE Marking
  • Compact design fits in 1 RU
  • 1:12 redundant switching operation (with an Advantech 1:12 switching controller)
  • Conversion gain 40dB (or 20dB optional)
  • Fully meets IESS 308/309 Phase/Noise requirements
  • Phase-locked reference oscillator linked with other ARDN units for fail-safe operation
  • Converts one C-Band 3.4 . 4.2 GHz signals, (optional 4.5-4.8 GHz) to L-Band (950-1750 MHz)

ADVANTECH's ARDN-CL0 is constructed in a compact 1 RU shelf which houses the power supply, one block downconverter, reference source and reference switching. The built-in power supply delivers the necessary voltages and current for operation under all operating conditions. Cooling is provided through conduction from the heat generating elements to the case and removal by the cooling fan.

Reference frequency from the internal source is used to lock the oscillators in the two downconverters. An output of this source is extended to the rear connector panel. An external reference input allows the system to operate from an external source and includes circuitry to switch to the external source. In practice the reference output from one shelf is connected to the reference input of the next in a continuous loop to lock all downconverters to a single reference. In this way the system maintains a very high degree of reliability.

The status of each block downconverter in the shelf is indicated by an LED on the front panel.