Xelsat offers products of worldwide known suppliers of satellite communication

AnaCom ELSAT C Band Baby BUC, 10W – 70 Watt

  • Flexible, universal DC power supply (AC optional)
  • Superior phase noise
  • No indoor RF equipment is needed
  • Built in test capabilities for improved maintainability and reduced dependence on external test equipment

AnaCom's line of Baby BUC Block Up-Converters are highly integrated low-profile outdoor units, with full-featured monitor and controls, designed to give extremely reliable service in a wide range of environments. They are available in single or redundant configurations.

Solid state power amplifier, up converters, M&C, and a universal power supply are all included in one enclosure. Connect power (Baby BUCS come in either AC or DC powered configurations), IF cables, and one coax cable to the LNC and the unit is on-line.